The Google Maps integration allows builders and administrators to quickly share multiple locations, with directions and useful information for each. The Google Maps widget can augment any Solution, and naturally complements those that would typically surface location data, such as a Social Zone, Customer KB, and a Team or Project Room. End-users can move the map, zoom in on an area, toggle through the configured locations for that widget instance, and get directions either in-browser or through the Google Maps app.

You’ll need a Google Maps API key in order to leverage the Google Maps integration widget for Igloo. Learn how to get your API key for the Google Maps Platform.


Key capabilities of the Google Maps integration widget:

  • Display custom details about each location
  • Display up to 5 locations per widget instance
  • Specify name, description, address, and marker style for each location
  • Match a location for each address marker using a street address, general location, or city
  • Configure either the road, satellite, hybrid, or terrain view to be shown by default