Requires the Insights Monthly Report Service

The Insights Report Library provides access to a collection of pre-built reports. Two categories are available:

Basic Reports

Detailed reports that can be downloaded and run by your organization. 25+ Basic reports are available that provide insights into your digital workplace's activity and engagement.

Examples of available reports include:

These reports can be explored through the Customer Care Report Library.

Premium Reports

Advanced reports that provide insights into exclusive data not available through other data sources, and can only be created by Igloo's data analysts. Up to five (5) Premium Reports can be requested every six (6) months.

Available reports include:

  • Notification Emails
  • Permissions; group(s) or user(s)
  • Site Map
  • Subscriptions; group(s) or user(s)

Need insights that we don't have a report for yet? Request a custom report via the CTA