Whether you're a small organization who needs a one-stop-shop or a large enterprise who needs specialized marketing destinations by product-line, language, or market, the Igloo Marketing KB solution will enable you to effectively distribute marketing assets to your key stakeholders with a high degree of context and flexibility.

Top benefits of the Marketing KB:


Improve findability for your digital assets

Igloo allows you to bring multiple forms of content together into an integrated and contextual experience for your stakeholders. Combine multiple third-party repositories or calendars together with Igloo capabilities and present it in creative and engaging ways, driving awareness and findability of the content people need most.

Drive consistency in your messaging and creative

Take your messaging out of static documents and give them a home in your digital workplace where they are always up-to-date.



Promote awareness of Marketing campaigns and events

Write blog articles and surface them within the Marketing KB to inform and engage you organization about ongoing campaigns and upcoming events.

Keep content up to date

Generate alerts for updated or expired content, allowing admins to always keep a pulse on the status of content.