The Microsoft Teams widget provides the following features and functionality:

  • Content Managers / Site Managers can add the widget on any Page, Space, or Dashboard
  • The widget supports the full-width column view, middle column view, and narrow column side view
  • Workplace administrators can configure the widget to be contextualized to a single team or even a single channel
  • Users will login / authenticate, and the security model will allow for only the Teams and Channels that the user has permission for
  • Users can send and receive messages at the speed of conversion
  • Users can receive images, URLs/links, files, and GIFs sent from a user who is on the MS Teams Client — either web, desktop, or mobile client


Key capabilities of the MS Teams integration widget:

  • Message and chat with team members in MS Teams
  • Navigate MS Teams channels
  • Interact with conversations and messaging within MS Teams channels
  • Enable the MS Teams widget on any Page, Space, or Dashboard in the Igloo digital workplace
  • Receive images, URLs/links, files, and GIFs via chats and channel messaging