The Premium Profile service tailors the out-of-box experience of personal profiles to better suit the needs, culture, and visual identity of your organization. 

The Premium Profiles Module Includes:

  • Selection of a new design and an enhanced layout
  • Modification of profile fields by adding, removing, or renaming profile fields
  • Request the latest profile layout as new designs are made available


Top benefits:

Discover and utilize expertise – By highlighting the skills, expertise, and background of your people, groups and teams can form faster and more effectively. And with the right expertise and skills, teams will be able to perform better, driving innovation and competitive advantage for your business.

Bring remote employees together – Often, employees must work with each other across locations, languages, cultures, and time zones. Personal profiles give everyone a social identity within your digital workplace and help them connect professionally and personally, to build relationships and collaborate more effectively.

Sync with your IAM – Sync profile information with Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems, such as Active Directory, to minimize administration and make profile information more accessible across the digital workplace. You can also lock profile fields such as role, manager, and email to keep data consistent and accurate.