Ensure the right information gets to the right people so that requests can be addressed quickly and effectively. From requests for marketing collateral to facilities and IT, everyone in the organization will know exactly where to go to access the expert resources they need to meet their objectives. 

Top benefits of the Request Center:


Improve productivity with centralized request intake

Employees no longer need to scour the company directory and send multiple emails to find someone who can assist them. With a single location to submit requests and view recent submissions, employees can spend more time being productive.

Get the right information to the right person for any request

The Feedback Center is structured to help users submit their requests to the right place with the right information whether that's facilities, marketing or IT.



Time savings for your SMEs 

With the Request Center, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can fulfill repeated knowledge requests a single time, and any other employees who require that information can be directed to that article. With a little bit of training, they might even discover the answer before submitting their question.

Address requests quickly and effectively

SMEs can be subscribed at a channel level, ensuring adequate and appropriate coverage for each type of request, along with instant or scheduled notifications.