Igloo offers the ability to integrate with Salesforce in a variety of ways to suit each individual user’s needs. All integration widgets are included with the Salesforce integration, and include:

  • Activities: Manage activities associated with an opportunity or lead.
  • Chatter: View, create, and interact with Chatter conversations.
  • Forecast Category Chart: View a graphical representation of forecast targets versus actuals.
  • Lead Conversion Chart: View a graphical representation of your lead generation status versus targets by stage and quarter.
  • Leaderboard: Identify and recognize the top sales earners in your organization.
  • Notes & Attachments: View and display Notes & Attachments for an opportunity.
  • Opportunity Search: View, manage, and look up information about an opportunity.
  • Pipeline Overview: Display a dashboard of your most critical pipeline indicators.
  • Top Opportunities: View and manage the largest opportunities by dollar amount in your pipeline.