The Igloo Desktop Tool provides additional ways to work with files in your digital workplace. Use the Desktop Tool to transfer many files from your computer to your digital workplace, or to perform inline editing of files that are in your digital workplace. The most common operations performed on a folder or file within your digital workplace (e.g. upload, download, move, copy, rename, reserve) can be performed right from your Windows desktop.

Key capabilities of the Windows Desktop Tool:

  • Browse and organize your files in the same way you use 'My Documents' on a PC
  • Move and copy files using a drag and drop interface anywhere on your PC or network drives 
  • Reverse documents in and out, and lock for use, just like in the browser experience
  • Authentication - usage requires internet access, just like if you were signing in on the web
  • Add version, reserve, and benefit from common file editing capabilities
  • Change between the digital workplaces you're a member of